International Institution of Economics and Business


  • Economics

    • Macroeconomic and growth analysis

    • Microeconomic sector analysis

    • Tax policy advisory

    • Appraisal of public investment projects

    • Support in institutional strengthening

    • Studies on labor, equity and economic policy

    • Climate change and environmental studies

    • Natural resource economics

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  • Business

    • Investment appraisal

    • Risk analysis of investment projects

    • Advisory in corporate strategy

    • Tax advisory and tax planning

    • Managerial support to corporate development

    • Corporate growth management

    • Support in project finance

    • Competitiveness and internationalization

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  • Training

    • Programs on investment appraisal

    • Courses on risk analysis and project finance

    • Training on economic policy management

    • Courses on tax analysis and revenue forecasting

    • Programs on corporate strategy

    • Training on competitiveness and internationalization

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  • Bolivia: HRF Releases Report On Political Violence
    NEW YORK (October 8, 2008) –The Human Rights Foundation released a 14-page report detailing the crisis that claimed 21 lives in the month of September of 2008, and left hundreds of people injured throughout Bolivia. The report was sent to Bolivian President Evo Morales with a letter outlining HRF’s concerns regarding the political violence and …
  • Evo Morales: Padlocked in the Palace
    Shortly before 5am the military police huddled in the doorways of the Plaza Murillo begin to stir beneath their capes. The door of the presidential palace creaks open and the guards, in scarlet tunics and white webbing, begin a rigmarole of shuffling, stamping and saluting that is the changing of the guard. The police are …


Miembro de Cambridge Resources International Inc. Since IIDEE was founded it is member and representative for Bolivia of Cambridge Resources International (CRI). Dr. Glenn P.... Read More "CRI"


Duke University IIDEE has a close association with Duke University 's Center for International Development (DCID), who has capabilities in international training, consulting, and research.... Read More "Duke"


Queen’s University IIDEE has a strong alliance with Queen's University's John Deutsch International Center , an international leader in the design and delivery of executive... Read More "Queen’s"


Maestrías para el Desarrollo IIDEE maintains a close relationship with Maestrías para el Desarrollo (MpD), a program created by the Catholic University of Bolivia (Universidad... Read More "MpD"

Who we are

  • Background

    IIDEE (International Institution for Economics and Business) was founded in 1999 by a group of well known professionals with the common interest of helping to improve the social, economic and business development of countries, organizations and businesses. IIDEE brings together into one organization the expertise and experience of a number of individual professionals in the areas of investment appraisal, corporate strategy, public finance, economic development, fiscal administration and business management.

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