International Institution of Economics and Business
Our expertise

Our expertise

  • Training

    • Programs on investment appraisal

    • Courses on risk analysis and project finance

    • Training on economic policy management

    • Courses on tax analysis and revenue forecasting

    • Programs on corporate strategy

    • Training on competitiveness and internationalization

  • Business

    • Investment appraisal

    • Risk analysis of investment projects

    • Advisory in corporate strategy

    • Tax advisory and tax planning

    • Managerial support to corporate development

    • Corporate growth management

    • Support in project finance

    • Competitiveness and internationalization

  • Economics

    • Macroeconomic and growth analysis

    • Microeconomic sector analysis

    • Tax policy advisory

    • Appraisal of public investment projects

    • Support in institutional strengthening

    • Studies on labor, equity and economic policy

    • Climate change and environmental studies

    • Natural resource economics