International Institution of Economics and Business
Board of directors

Board of directors

  • Fernando Cossio Muñoz-Reyes

    Executive Director

    Areas of expertise: Tax Policy and Project Apparisal

    Public Finance Economist with 15 years of experience and more than 30 consulting/advisory assignments completed in 20 countries from the Americas, Africa and Asia. He was Deputy Minister of Finance for Tax Policy for the Republic of Bolivia . Mr. Cossio is professor of Public Finance and Investment Appraisal in the Catholic University of Bolivia and was guest Lecturer in universities such as Harvard and Duke in the US, and Queens in Canada. He holds a BA in economics from Luther College and a masters in International Tax Policy (ITP) from Harvard University.

  • Flavio Escóbar Llanos


    Areas of expertise: Business Management and Developement Strategy

    International consultant and member of the board of several important corporations in Bolivia. He was Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Executive Coordinator Competitive and Productive Development Forum. He was the Dean of the Masters Degree Program (MpD) at the Catholic University of Bolivia. Consultant for the Millenium Development Goals valuation project for UNDP and advisor to the Vice-presidents office, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development. He holds a degree in economics from the Catholic University of Bolivia.

  • Pedro Parada Balderrama


    Expertise: Corporate Strategy and Management

    Associate Professor of the Business Policy Department at ESADE in Spain. Visiting Professor at HEC School of Management in Paris. Visiting Professor at SDA Bocconi in Milano. Academic Co-Director and professor of the ESADE-Georgetown Global Strategy Program. He coordinates and teaches at the International Electives with Babson College. Holds a degree in economics a master’s degree in public policy from the Catholic University of Bolivia, a PhD in Business Administration from ESADE.