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- Fernando Cossio M.

Rodrigo Cisneros M.

Associated Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Social Policy and Decentralization

International Consultant specialist in social policy and decentralization with a vast experience in program managing and operations. Mr. Cisneros has more than 20 years professional experience in Bolivia and in other close to 30 different countries of Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa. In Bolivia, he has worked as Deputy Minister for External Financing at the Ministry of Finance; as General Coordinator of Social Programs at national level; and as Appraisal Director at the Emergency Social Fund. Mr. Cisneros holds a Bachelors degree from Universidad de Chile and a Civil Engineer degree from the same University. Some of his research work has been published. He works as an advisor on institutional design and reengineering, including the setting up of concrete and detailed operational procedures and control systems.


Jairo Escóbar Llanos.

Associated Consultant

Areas of expertise: Environmental Economics

International Consultant on Environmental Economics with 15 years of experience on, Climate Change, Biodiversity, Forest Issues, Regulation, Natural Resources and Environmental quality. In charge of the public policy Unit Bolfor The Nature Conservancy USAID. Expert on Environment for UNDP and UDAPE. Professor on environmental economics at the Graduate School of the Catholic University of Bolivia. BA in Economics, Graduate School at the University of Maryland at College Park, and postgraduate studies on project evaluation at the Catholic University of Bolivia and environmental economics at Harvard University.


Waldo Gutiérrez Iriarte

Associated Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Financial Management and Public Policy

International expert in financial management and public policy. He was Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister of Treasury and Public Credit and General Director in diverse areas, after following a career as a public servant during 17 years in the Ministry of Finance, occupying different positions and acquiring wide experience in: budget, treasury, public credit, public investment and external funding. He was manager and consultant of Social Protection programs, financed by international cooperation institutions. He has a Degree in Economics at the University Mayor Real y Pontificia de San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca, Sucre, Bolivia and a Master in Public Administration at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. .


Gilberto Hurtado

Associated Consultant

Areas of expertise: Business Competitiveness and Strategy

International consultant in business and regional strategy. He has assessed more than 60 small and medium and 10 big enterprises in strategy and competitiveness. Was the Academic Coordinator of the Masters Program at the Catholic University of Bolivia. Has has written papers about productivity, competitiveness and education related to the Bolivian Competitiveness Forum. He also worked in the telecommunications regulatory entity for 3 years as an economic analyst. Holds a master’s degree in public policy from the Catholic University of Bolivia and he is a PhD candidate in Business Administration from ESADE.



Luís Carlos Jemio M .

Associated Consultant

Areas of expertise: Economic Development and Macroeconomic Modeling

International Consultant in; Public Policy and Institutional Strengthening, Employment, Equality and Poverty, Fiscal and Public Debt sustainability, Financial Sector, Macroeocnomic Policy, Pension Reform, Foreign Trade and Competitiveness, Macroeconomic Models. (Econometric and Computational General Equilibrium Models. Former Finance Minister of Bolivia. Commercial Engineer from the University of Chile, has a M.A. degree in Economic Policy and Planning and a Ph.D. degree in Development Economics from the Institute of Social Studies of The Hague.


Juan Carlos Ossio V.

Associated Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Corporate Planning, Management and Finance

Expert in planning and airport design, strategic management and, corporate finances. Mr. Ossio was Manager Director of Bolivian Airport Services belonging of Spanish group ABERTIS, consultant of the United Nations Program for International Drugs Control (UNDCP), Country Director of the Bolivian Child Development Program (World Bank) and Director of Regulatory Policies of the Bolivian Superintendence of Transportation. Guest lecturer at Duke University, and Catholic University of Bolivia in Project Appraisal and Risk Management. He holds a BA in business from Catholic University of Pernambuco in Brazil and a master´s degree in corporate finance from the Catholic University of Bolivia.


Carlos Saravia D.

Associated Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Regulatory Policy for Public Services

International consultant with fifteen years experience on Private Sector Participation and Regulatory Issues in infrastructure and public services, including PPPs, concessions, asset sales, and other forms of private participation. He was the first Regulator for Telecommunications in Bolivia, and has extensive experience in the development and implementation of legal and regulatory frameworks as well as related institutional development issues. He has worked in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean advising governments and investment banks on structuring and implementing infrastructure and agro-industry transactions. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Management from Worcester Polytechic Institute.


Cynthia Saravia D.

Associated Consultant

Areas of Expertise: Pension Systems and Social Security

International Consultant with expertise in Social Security, mainly Pension Systems. She has worked as an advisor for Governments in pension and health reforms, as well as with regulatory entities for pension systems for more than 15 years. Has work experience with international cooperation organizations as well as with non-governmental organizations. She holds a bachelors degree in Biology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, a Masters in Molecular Genetics form Clark University, and a Masters Degree in Prevention and Promotion of Work related Risk from OISS/University of Alcalá.